10 Reasons Why Employers Do Criminal Background Checks

A recent survey found that the vast majority of employers (92%) conduct employment background screening. However, some do not include a criminal background check, and many employers also fail to conduct any follow-up criminal background checks after hiring.

If your company fits into one of these categories, it is worth paying some attention to the many reasons why background checks are important. Some of the best reasons include:

  1. They can keep your workplace safer and happier. Criminal background checks can reveal a wide range of troubling behavior, such as violence and theft. When you mitigate these risks through background screening, you can increase the odds that any new hire will be a good fit that will contribute positively to your workplace.
  2. They will help you attract higher-quality employees. Regular background screening for all new hires can create a reputation where your business is known for only hiring the highest-quality candidates. Over time, this can lead to only the best applicants taking the time to apply, which means your potential pool will only include the top candidates.
  3. They can mitigate legal risks. Bad hires can result in negligent hiring lawsuits. And these lawsuits can be very expensive. They can also undermine employee and customer faith in your business. Criminal background checks can reduce the odds that you will experience negative employee legal action and all the fallout that comes with it.
  4. They can help you comply with regulations and meet customer or partner expectations. Many government entities, along with business partners, customers, and suppliers, often expect that you will have a process that verifies your employees are qualified and secure. A criminal background check can help you meet these expectations and comply with any legal requirements.
  5. They can ensure your applicants meet the requirements of the job. Background checks often look at other aspects of an individual’s history in addition to their criminal record. This level of diligence can ensure that your applicants are who they say they are and possess the education, experience, and credentials they have provided.
  6. They can reduce your risk of experiencing theft or fraud. For example, screening applicants can provide information about past convictions, including theft, embezzlement, and other white-collar crimes. This information may inform the hiring decisions to reduce the risk that your business may be a victim of theft or other fraud.
  7. Avoid negative publicity. When something goes wrong at a company, it’s often all over the media – especially if it was preventable. When you make decisions based on quality information discovered through criminal background checks, you can reduce the risk that your business will experience negative publicity. And this is one way to keep a great brand reputation intact.
  8. They can attest to one’s character. Every employer wants employees who are honest and act with integrity. Unfortunately, it has been found that up to 85% of employers have revealed a lie or misrepresentation made by an applicant during the hiring process. The hiring process allows individuals to provide information to employers. And criminal background checks can verify the accuracy of the information, which may be an indication of the individual’s overall character.
  9. They can help you comply with ‘ban-the-box legislation.’ Over seventy million Americans have a criminal record; this is roughly one in three adults. To combat the effect of not wanting to hire past criminals, many states and municipalities have passed ‘ban-the-box legislation,’ which prohibits employers from asking whether someone has a felony conviction. And while this levels the playing field, it can leave your business vulnerable to hiring a bad employee. When conducted legally and uniformly for all new hires, criminal background checks can reveal illegal actions, which allows you to decide to proceed with hiring or reject them as a job candidate.
  10. They can help you find the right fit for your workplace culture. Background screening can reveal far more information than strictly what is found on one’s criminal record. And within this information, you may be able to determine whether a particular applicant is a good fit for your workplace culture or not. And compatibility can have a direct impact on productivity.

While there are many benefits to conducting criminal background checks, these checks can be very complicated from a legal perspective. There are often differing federal, state, and local laws that must be taken into consideration. To learn more about conducting criminal background checks in a compliant way, contact Smarthire Canada Screening Services today.

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