Smarthire Canada Screening Services’s SmartHire platform is the efficient and simple way to handle all your screening needs for faster, easier, enhanced employment screening solutions.

SmartHire will allow you to conduct your entire sign up process on-line using a clean, simple-yet-powerful interface. With the ability to screen thousands of applicants or just one, SmartHire allows you to fill hundreds of positions or just one. Simply input the name and email address of your applicant and SmartHire will do the rest, including contacting the applicant directly to obtain their screening authorization via electronic signature, provide their required disclosure, obtain signatures on any special government-required forms, and gather all the necessary information directly from the applicant to process their screen, saving you valuable time and resources. Of course, you can always enter the applicant’s information directly if that works better for you. The choice is yours.

Put SmartHire’s Industry-Leading Capabilities to Work for You

Smarthire Canada Screening Services is a leading provider of pre-employment screening services through three key elements to deliver an end product that is a best fit solution for the specific needs and expectations of our clients:

Customer Service

Providing our customers with what they need, when they need it, is how we’ve thrived for nearly 40 years. With your dedicated account manager you can rest assured you will have answers immediately.


The best technology enables efficiency, for all sizes of companies. SmartHire comprises the very latest technologies to produce real-time service with 24/7/365 ordering capabilities.

Quality Assurance

Our state-of-the-art system ensures all services and quality issues are tracked, documented and reported to Operations staff for immediate review and resolution. Find out why we say you should love your background screening company.

Customer Service, Technology, and Quality Assurance. Smarthire Canada Screening Services has been very effective in screening applicants for a wide array of industries including:

Why Choose SmartHire?

Smarthire Canada Screening Services is experienced in developing standardized screening programs for both large companies concerned with multi-jurisdictional, global applications as well as smaller, regional companies needing a hand in making sound hiring decisions to grow their business. At USAFact we understand your most valuable resource is your employees. We provide your business the very best services to ensure you find and hire the trustworthy and skilled employees your company deserves.

  • Address History Location
  • Civil Records
  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Tax Transcripts
  • Verification Services
  • Sanction Searches
  • Income Verification
  • Tax Liens