Criminal Background Checks

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Performing a Criminal Background Check for Employment

This is the first line of defense for your business or organization. By viewing someone’s criminal record, you can determine if they are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Those who have a record you find disagreeable can be removed from consideration, protecting yourself, your business, and your employees. A criminal and personal background checks allows you to identify risky hires, protect your organization, and provide your employees with a safe working environment.

Ordering a Thorough Criminal Background Check

It can be difficult to get a full view of a potential employee’s background. There are thousands of courts in Canada, and there is no single uniform method of recording the cases that pass through each one. A criminal background check requires a dedicated team of researchers to look at all of these jurisdictions and provide you with the information you need to determine if an applicant is a safe hire for you. Furthermore, you get an exceptional service when you select Smarthire Canada Screening Services to complete your criminal background checks. Benefits include:

  • Detailed background checks. Information reported to you can include probation discharges, outstanding warrants, results from sex offender registry searches, and a DUI history, among other items that may be criminally relevant and thus may be critical to ensuring safety to your company and employees.
  • In instances where criminal records are returned with discrepancies, Smarthire Canada Screening Services takes extra care to complete additional research to provide accurate results. We verify information such as the date of birth, the middle name, and even the applicant’s address history. This detailed information ensures that even discrepancies that the applicant is unaware of are noted and addressed.
  • In many cases, we contact the court clerks directly to obtain copies of criminal records.
  • We provide all information to you in an easy-to-understand and legible format.

With Smarthire Canada Screening Services, you know you are getting great information to help you make informed hiring choices.

Why Smarthire Canada Screening Services?

When you select Smarthire Canada Screening Services as your background check partner, you can rest assured you’re getting the most detailed criminal check possible. Our team will search databases across the country for the applicant’s name, including any aliases, and birthdate. Our search will return items such as the following:

  • Outstanding warrants
  • Any legally reportable convictions
  • Pending cases where permissible

Smarthire Canada Screening Services can deliver these detailed background checks, all while adhering to federal and state laws, including:

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) dictates federal law related to conducting background checks. Smarthire Canada Screening Services strictly adheres to the FCRA, which ensures that we are compliant at the federal level. In following the Act, we are diligent about investigating disputed information and performing all legal obligations we have as a consumer reporting agency.
  • Consumer rights related to background checks, as dictated by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • This means that we will only look for information that is legal to view. Information that is illegal to be requested of job applicants – such as medical information, race, gender, religion, and age, among others – will not be included. This will save your company from unintentionally discriminating against potential employees.
  • Individual state laws. We understand that state-level regulations vary from one state to another, and our professionals are well versed in how to strictly adhere to these individual state laws. When you choose Smarthire Canada Screening Services, you can rest assured that you are making the best possible hiring decisions based on legally reportable information. This action is one of the best ways to protect your business and future employees.

At Smarthire Canada Screening Services, we understand that you have many options to turn to for completing criminal background checks for potential employees. Smarthire Canada Screening Services has been in business for over 40 years, providing our expert team with experienced training you can trust. We excel at understanding legal obligations and maintaining compliance which ensures your company also remains compliant. When you partner with Smarthire Canada Screening Services, you can be sure to get the best possible service for completing criminal background checks. We are diligent and understand our responsibility for upholding consumer rights and the rights of companies who are currently looking to hire the best possible candidates. With this information in hand, you will be able to determine whether or not an applicant is right for your team. Contact us today for more information or if you have any questions. Or for more information on all types of background screenings go to our background check page.

Criminal background checks are essential to companies hiring processes. A criminal history can be applied to decide what, if any, criminal convictions would disqualify a candidate from employment with their company.

State and federal laws govern specific jobs with access to healthcare or children; these jobs would not allow individuals with certain criminal histories to be considered for employment.

Conducting thorough background checks is time-consuming, and knowing what information can be included is critical, all while meeting federal and state privacy laws. Smarthire Canada Screening Services complies with all federal and state laws and helps to ensure the hiring candidate is who they say they are. Part of what makes Smarthire Canada Screening Services stand out amongst other Consumer Reporting Agencies is our proprietary Secure Check internal process. This added benefit ensures clients receive accurate, cost-effective reports delivered fast.

Smarthire Canada Screening Services Secure Check Highlights

  • 50 million background screens completed
  • Zero days in court in defense of hiring decisions based on reports
  • Included Secure Check technology process for all clients

Smarthire Canada Screening Services criminal background checks are the most comprehensive background checks you can get. When you partner with us, you are getting a team of experts that channel their time, expenses, and efforts to ensure that you are receiving thoroughly researched results that are accurate, to help you make an informed hiring decision, and the confidence of knowing you have an accurate report.

The evolution of background checks have made it so companies, lenders, small businesses, and the like are incorporating them into their processes in many ways. Knowing that your reporting is done correctly is crucial. Handling sensitive information, the impact on hiring decisions, and the reliability of the reporting source are all reasons why Smarthire Canada Screening Services is constantly evolving to remain at the forefront of consumer reporting.

Why is Smarthire Canada Screening Services a Big Deal?

  • 50 years of delivering quality background checks
  • A dedicated team of researchers
  • Adherence to all Federal and State laws
  • A thorough review of all court jurisdictions in Canada.
  • We contact court clerks in person when necessary to retrieve criminal records
  • Reliable and accurate results
  • Detailed and easy-to-read reporting formats
  • Stress-free client portal offering real-time status updates
  • Eliminates the time-consuming process of administrating background checks in-house
  • It saves time from calling references and reviewing countless databases

Putting Smarthire Canada Screening Services and our proprietary systems in place for your hiring, lending, service, and small business needs gives you 50 years of top-notch service at your hands. Leave the results to us, and acquire higher quality employees, clients, and customers.