Background Checks

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Performing a Background Check

Background checks are becoming more common in our digitized economy. Everything from employment to housing applications can use this method to verify someone’s identity, employment history, criminal history, education, financial standing, and other relevant details. And while these checks can ensure that you are dealing with the person an individual claims to be and they meet the basic criteria for your purposes, background screenings can become complex quickly. And with many relevant laws coming into play, it’s essential to understand some basics about background checks before moving forward with any activities.

Background Check Basics

With background checks increasingly a part of hiring processes and rental agreements, it is important to understand what is involved. Our team performs background checks that meet federal and state laws regarding what can be included in one of these checks and what cannot be included. That means you will get the information that complies with current legal laws and precedents.

Social media also has added another layer to the background check process. It can be easy to just go online and look up an individual, but that can also be time-consuming. Then there is the process of calling references, checking in with various databases, and more.

For many individuals and companies, the process of managing a background check on their own can be time consuming. By utilizing a company that specializes in background checks, you can reduce the amount of time spent in administrating them.

We understand that you likely do not have the time or resources available to regularly complete background checks. By utilizing a background check service, you can free up your time and resources to handle other critical aspects of your business or the property management of your rentals.

To better understand what is involved in a background check, you first need to understand the types of background checks available and what they will typically entail.

A background check is a process by which a person or company uses the information provided to verify that this person is who they claim they are and meet the minimum requirements for what they are seeking. Commonly, background checks are used to secure housing or employment. Cursory checks may ease the employer or landlord’s worries that they are selecting someone compatible with their needs and requirements.

And while these are the most common purposes of a background screening, many others apply to different scenarios. Depending upon the type of background check, the company or individual may review a person’s criminal history, education and certification credentials, employment history, finances, and other past activities that may be relevant to the situation.

Types of Background Checks

Many different types of background checks can apply to different scenarios. Each background check has a slightly different focus, meant to provide information to help advise you regarding decisions of employment or whether to approve a renter. Every option of background check provides specific information, while following the regulations regarding what can be included. Some of the most common background checks include:

  • Background Checks for Employment: Employers may hedge their liabilities by ensuring that their prospective candidates meet certain criteria. The vast majority of employers use some type of employment background screening. These checks often occur when a conditional offer has been made to a candidate and can include looking at their criminal record, education history, credit record, driving record, medical record, and drug screening.
  • Criminal History Checks: Criminal history checks are often required for decisions related to employment, the purchase of a firearm, military enlistment, and adoptions or foster parent applications. Some industries, such as healthcare and trucking, may have federal or state regulations prohibiting certain individuals with a history of convictions from being considered for a position.
  • E-Verify Checks: Employers use E-Verify to verify employment eligibility and the identity of job candidates. This type of background check compares information the job candidate submitted on the I-9 form with federal records to confirm the individual is eligible to work in Canada.
  • Fingerprint Background Checks: Fingerprint checks use the Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or AFIS, to get an accurate criminal history for an individual from authorized criminal justice agencies. This level of check is required in some industries, such as real estate, medical care, finance, and pharmacy.
  • Credit Check: A credit check takes a deep look at how well an individual has managed credit and payments in the past. That means we verify whether the license is valid, that requirements for the license are met and that the license is current. Depending on your industry, regular license checks can be performed annually to make sure that your employees have maintained their licenses. Many landlords verify this information to assess whether or not a prospective tenant would pay their rent on time. Some industries, such as finance, require a credit check when the individual would handle money on a daily basis.
  • License Check: A license check is commonly required in some industries to ensure that the individual has the experience, knowledge, and credentials to perform the job adequately.
  • Personal/Social Media Online Presence Checks: In today’s world, many individuals anticipate a background screening prior to many activities, such as looking for a new apartment or seeking a new job. You can run a personal background check beforehand to verify that all of the information is accurate. This process also helps you to understand what information will be provided to someone requesting a check on you.
  • Mortgage Background Check: Your mortgage lender will likely want confirmation of your employment status and also look at your financial information. Mortgage companies will look at all sources of income. Your lender may or may not choose to conduct a criminal background check. With a mortgage company, these checks might also need to occur several times to make sure that you continue to meet the qualifications for the mortgage, such as maintaining employment and income levels. Each mortgage program might also have requirements, which can be covered through a background check. Our LendFact background screening service provides a one-stop resource for criminal screening, verification services, credit checks, sanctions checks, and more. We provide options that allow for loan origination to complete aspects of their due diligence.

When engaging in a wide range of activities, it’s common to anticipate a background check may be involved in the process. However, there are many legal rules related to background checks that employers and others must follow when conducting these reviews. Federal, state, and local laws may apply. Additionally, there are certain industry-specific regulations that must be followed.

The bottom line is that while background checks can be incredibly useful for a variety of purposes, navigating the legal complexities of these checks can be complex. And one misstep can land an individual or their organization in hot water. A failure to comply can result in steep fines or penalties as well as legal damages awarded if an individual is not afforded their legal rights throughout the process.

Employee screening through background checks is common for companies looking to hire new individuals in various positions, be it working with customers or handling administrative duties behind the scenes. Since employers do these background checks routinely for the jobs or positions, they have open within their companies, you might be wondering what is included in these checks and what they are looking to find.

For many employers, background checks are focused on confirming that the individual applying for that position is who they say they are. While some background checks focus more on specific aspects of the information that was presented by the potential employee, the truth is that background checks can cover employment history and criminal records. That also means confirming aspects of their employment background, including previous employers and the dates of their employment.

Employers also want to confirm that potential employees do not have any criminal convictions that could negatively impact their job performance. Background checks provide the ability to determine what is accurate and also whether there were any issues that could be a source of concern. These background checks provide what employers want and need to know about any perspective employees.

Companies do background checks for a variety of positions, particularly those involving management or significant responsibility levels. With that in mind, they are looking for companies who do quality background checks, covering a variety of areas, including employment verifications.

The costs of background checks can appear prohibitive for many small businesses, but our team focuses on providing a quality background check that meets your needs and fits your budget. We provide a variety of options that can meet the budgets of any small business. You shouldn’t have to make a decision about a potential employee without the knowledge that you receive from a quality background check.

However, it is not just employers that can take advantage of background checks. Parents looking to employ a nanny want to know everything they can about the person who could be caring for their precious children. With that in mind, background checks are a tool to make sure that these individuals do not have any aspects of their background that could negatively impact their ability to care for their children.

Choosing a quality nanny involves verifying their previous employment as a nanny, but it also involves finding out if they have any incidents in their past that demonstrate quality decision-making skills, particularly in challenging circumstances.

Background checks can be done in a variety of ways, including by social security numbers, which can provide several ways to verify an individual’s identity. Depending on the type of background check being requested, background check services can include deeper dives into the internet and social media. If a company is looking for a high-level representative, these more in-depth background checks could assist in determining whether they will meet those specific requirements.

There are a variety of websites that offer background checks that claim to be comprehensive. With our team, we focus on multiple areas as part of our background check services to provide the most comprehensive background check to meet your needs.

Smarthire Canada Screening Services is a trusted expert in the world of background checks. With over forty years of experience, our staff can help you navigate these legal complexities to ensure you are using the most accurate and reliable information to legally make important decisions. To find out more about the benefits of background checks, Contact Smarthire Canada Screening Services today!

With our team of background check specialists, we provide employee screening that can be used in a variety of industries. Your company needs to have the best resources available. We provide software and tools that can assist your team in determining the best options for your company. Plus, we stay up to date on the latest legal requirements for background checks in the state of California, thus making sure that your company remains in compliance. Our SmartHire platform allows you to just input the name of an individual and email, then we take over. It puts the industry’s leading capabilities to work for you.

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