Food Services & Restaurants

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Food Services and Restaurant Industry Services

Food services and restaurants rely on their employees to honestly handle cash and credit cards on a daily basis. These employees must be completely trustworthy, which requires an extensive verification process to determine if they have any black marks on their criminal or financial history. Smarthire Canada Screening Services can provide you with all of the background information needed to determine if a potential new hire will be an honest and trustworthy employee or if there are any red flags in their history that may indicate they are not someone you want to hire. We know how quickly you need this information. The turnover rate in the food services industry is very high, and you are often in need of a new employee within a few days of losing an old one. We will work within your schedule and your needs to provide you with the information you need to bring your staff back up to full capacity as quickly as possible.

What We Offer

We work with a vetted network of court researchers and databases to gather the information you need while meeting your deadlines and your budget.

Our Services

Those in the food services and restaurant industries are often in need of specific information about new hires. In particular, we pay special attention to driving records for those that handle delivery. We also provide the following and can customize our services based on your needs:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Identity verification
  • Health and drug screening
  • Form I-9 and E-Verify
  • Employment verification
  • Credit reporting and financial history

Our screenings can be done both nationally and globally as needed.

If you require additional information about our services or want to know what Smarthire Canada Screening Services can do for you, please contact us today.