50 Years + 50 million Background screens + Zero days in court = Your best solution!

Have you every heard of SmartHire by Smarthire Canada Screening Services?

No?  It might be because we are better at providing background checks than we are about bragging about ourselves.  Maybe it’s time we should brag a little. We offer something that no other Consumer Reporting Agency can, it’s called secure check. Secure check is our proprietary internal process that ensures our clients receive the fastest, most accurate, and cost-effective background screening reports available today.  It also means that Smarthire Canada Screening Services or any of our clients have NEVER had a successful lawsuit against them related to background checks.

How We Ensure Background Check Accuracy– Secure Check

Smarthire Canada Screening Services is an anomaly. With 50 years of experience and more than 50 million background checks completed, our clients have spent ZERO days in court in defense of their hiring or lending decisions using our reports. We also return 85% of background check components in the same day and our completed reports average 1.8 Days. 

The background check industry is competitive and fast-paced. It’s a monumental task for many companies to understand all of the federal and local laws that govern background checks.  Most companies are unaware that the ultimate responsibility of compliance falls upon the hiring company, not the CRA.  Choosing the right background screening partner is crucial!

We are proud to say that this commitment to accuracy has allowed us to avoid the onslaught of lawsuits related to negligent hiring.  In the last 10 years, many companies are facing lawsuits from the job candidates for not being hired due to inaccuracies related to their background report.  In fact, according to a CBS News Report, over the last decade, employers and background check companies have shelled out more than $325 million to settle related litigation.

Today, we’re going to let you in on one of our best kept secrets. Secure Check.  This is our proprietary process developed over five decades in the background check business.  Just how are we able to consistently produce results that are timely and accurate? Why is it that our services are never entangled in expensive lawsuits? What do we do that protects our clients and keeps us away from litigation?

Simply put – we owe it to our SmartHire platform and our secure check process.

What is a Secure Check?

Secure check is a proprietary way that we make sure our background screens are correct. This is essential because it protects both us, and the company that we are performing the background check for, from getting sued for misinformation. No other background screening company offers you this service.

When you hire us to perform your background check, you’ll have various people dedicated to you and your unique needs. Unlike other companies that may just run your clients through a computer system, we use a combination of the best software on the market and the most dedicated professionals to give you results that you can count on.  Over the last five decades, we have always been a client centered service. This means that we do whatever it takes to safeguard your data and produce results to help you make smarter and faster decisions in your hiring process. Secure check exists to give you the peace of mind you need when conducting a background check.

Is there an Extra Charge for this Service?

Absolutely not. When you hire us, you get to take advantage of secure check for FREE!  Our Background screening services span everything from background checks for employment and credit checks to criminal and DMV checks, even social media online presence checks. We believe that it’s essential to apply our secure check process to all applicants at no additional charge. This helps us maintain the level of integrity and service that has made us a reputable company for so many years.

While other companies spend money defending lawsuits, we are able to channel our time, money, and efforts to provide the thorough research and results that you deserve with our secure check.

Why is this a Big Deal?

No other company has SmartHire or our secure check and this has kept us and our clients out of court for 50 years! Background checks have evolved into a mainstream part of our lives. From housing applications for a new apartment to employment opportunities for that dream job, you can rest assured that a background check will be included in some way.

While the act of performing a background check is standard, there are several reasons why ensuring it is done properly is vital.

Let’s explore some of the reasons:

  • Sensitive information: From social security numbers to bank account information, a background check includes data that can be used to ruin someone’s life if it gets in the wrong hands. Secure check prevents data leaks and keeps important information confidential.
  • Hiring decisions: Choosing the wrong candidate is one thing. However, hiring someone who lied about everything on their application and places your company and your employees in jeopardy is another. We have the staff in place with our system to ensure that you have all the information needed to make the right choice.
  • Speed and Reliability: Time is money. When you need to view the results of your background check fast, companies can overlook things under pressure. Our secure check gives you the best of both worlds – speed and reliability.

Put SmartHire, our proprietary way of doing things and 50 years of experience to work for you for no extra cost… and don’t get sued!

To learn more, contact us today!