Driving Records

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Driving Record Check

If your employees make use of a company car or are required to drive while on the job, you may be liable for any accidents they are in. This will result in your business insurance rates increasing and may even lead to paying for damages and medical bills. This not only hurts your budget, but it can also affect your business’s reputation. If you will be hiring anyone who may drive on company time, even if they will be using their personal vehicle, you will want to review their driving record and note any excessive tickets or accidents.

Who Should Review Employee Driving Records?

Here are a few of the businesses that may need employees to drive while on the clock:

  • Restaurants
  • Florists
  • Insurance agencies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Caterers
  • Courier services
  • Taxi and chauffeur services

Comply with Federal Requirements

In order to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements, you must review the driving records of all employees who regularly drive a commercial vehicle. When hired, you must review the past three years of the candidate’s driving record from any state in which the driver holds a commercial license. Then you are required to review their driving records once a year after hiring. Smarthire Canada Screening Services can assist you with obtaining and reviewing these records to ensure that you remain compliant.

What a Motor Vehicle Record Discloses

When you pull a candidate’s motor vehicle record, you will receive their driving history from anywhere from the past three years to the past seven years. This information includes any driving violations that occurred over the past three to seven years. This information will include the following:

  • The license issue date and expiration date
  • It’s type
  • It’s class
  • Any restrictions on the driver
  • Any suspensions
  • Any license revocations
  • All accidents
  • Violations and traffic tickets
  • DUIs
  • Any endorsements

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