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Security Industry Services

Other businesses rely on companies in the security sector to protect their property. They have to know that the security company that have hired uses only trustworthy, knowledgeable individuals. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that the security company can provide reliable services. That means you have to make certain everyone you hire has the training needed to do their job and has no reason to become the threat they are supposed to be protecting against. That means you need people who will have no reason to steal from the companies they’re supposed to be protecting. To determine if you’re hiring someone trustworthy, you’ve got to do a full background check, and that’s where Smarthire Canada Screening Services can help.

How We Can Help?

Our years of work in screening have given us the experience, connections, and knowledge needed to quickly and accurately provide a number of different services. We have connections with hundreds of different databases, including court records in all 50 states, so if there’s information about a candidate out there, we will find it.

Our Services

As a security firm, you have to have the most trustworthy individuals on your team. That’s why Smarthire Canada Screening Services offers in-depth criminal background screenings. If any potential candidate has had any type of criminal charges, we will find it. We can also screen an individual’s credit and financial history so you can determine if the candidate is financially stable. In addition to searching for the name provided, we will also do a search on any aliases we discover to give you a full and complete picture of the person you may hire. Our other screenings include the following:

  • Education verification
  • Past employment verification
  • Certificate and license verification
  • Identity verification

If you would like to learn more about what Smarthire Canada Screening Services can do for you, please contact us today.