SmartPak Screening Platforms

With Smarthire Canada Screening Services’s suite of services you get reliable and accurate results for clear decision making. A stress-free client portal with real-time status updates. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.

What is SmartPak?

SmartPak™ is Smarthire Canada Screening Services’s unique background screening service that does more than simply provide you with information about a potential hire’s background. We offer a number of different ways you can screen a candidate, and all you need is the person’s name and social security number.

We provide these three primary screening options:

  • National Criminal Database
  • Statewide Criminal Database
  • County Source Level Criminal Search

Once you’ve taken this first look, you can add in our experienced nationwide tools that will provide you with a large amount of information about your candidate, giving you a full, completely picture of his or her background.

Look At What SmartPak™ Can Do For You!

Review SmartPak™ Options Below

Choice SmartPak™

Choice offers an ala carte approach toward services. Bundle a suite as you see fit and include only what you want. Depending on your selection and risk tolerance, by paying individually, this may be the more economical approach.

State SmartPak™

With many States Smarthire Canada Screening Services can offer a simple, robust State search. The State SmartPak™ pre-bundles together a National Addressd Locator, a National Criminal Database, a State criminal background check, as well as a Tax Credit Survey.

Standard SmartPak™

The Standard SmartPak™ offers security and consistency through a bundled solution anchored on a National Address Locator, a National Criminal Database, an in-depth county-level criminal search, and a Tax Credit Survey.

Comprehensive SmarkPak™

The Comprehensive SmartPak™ offers you the simplicity of a one-stop approach. We’ve built a packaged suite of our most popular services and we deliver it for a great flat-rate. This can be the most economical approach for companies needing diverse searches.

How Can We Help You?

Many businesses only check a candidate’s history as far as the quick “first look” shows. They don’t look back beyond that, nor do they necessarily do a more detailed search to learn more about a potential candidate. However, some people have things in their past that may affect their present employment, and not every candidate tells the whole and complete truth on their applications. SmartPak™ will provide you with a much more detailed look at any hire, combining the quick first look with a much more detailed history.

Doing a background screening that checks many different nationwide databases and other records can catch discrepancies and omissions that normal background checks wouldn’t. Using SmartPak™, you can verify everything a candidate provides to you, allowing you to confidently hire someone.

The SmartPak™ Solution

  • A la Carte Ordering Rates:
    You order what you need and only pay for that. While our state background screening package bundles a number of searches together, you’re free to order only what you want.
  • Lowest Rates:
    Our standard package offers consistent screening that includes the National Address Locator, national criminal databases, the tax credit survey, and more.
  • Flat Rates:
    This comprehensive package offers a one-stop approach that’s billed at a single flat-rate. If you need unlimited searches, this is the most economical option.