Employment History

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Employment History Solutions

Checking a potential new employee’s employment history has become more and more vital. It’s estimated that around half of all resumes that will come across your desk will have errors or outright false statements on them.

With fierce competition for every open job, some believe the only way to get ahead of the competition lies in their qualifications. Without verifying a candidate’s employment history, there is potential for discrepant information which may affect how your future employee performs. Some information is easier to determine or verify than other types. One of the potentially more difficult areas is in when looking at a candidate’s employment history, some common challenges arise.

These challenges may present themselves if records become unavailable for a position that was held years ago. Smaller businesses, especially, may have incomplete or inadequate records. And even when employed with a large company, if a third party stores employment data, it may lack the context needed to understand the employee’s role fully. On top of the logistical challenges with verifying employment history, there are some that the candidate can create.

To provide a common example, a potential employee may have been employed through a staffing agency. The potential employee would then provide the company which had utilized this agency rather than the staffing agency which they are actually employed under. Smarthire Canada Screening Services’s dedicated team of verification experts will confirm or deny all candidate’s work history by comparing it to information collected from human resources and payroll departments, reference interviews, and other sources. We verify that the information on the paycheck is the same company that the candidate listed. Smarthire Canada Screening Services will also ensure that valid contact details and location are the same so that all records are a firm match. Smarthire Canada Screening Services will allow you to identify several pieces of information:

  • Gaps in employment. Dates of employment are always available and can be verified quickly. If gaps are not reported on the resume, they will be identified during the employment history check.
  • Falsehoods, including those related to previous employment and education. Smarthire Canada Screening Services will do the deep digging that is often required to verify all possible past employment and education details that are available.
  • Simple errors. If the candidate made an inadvertent error, Smarthire Canada Screening Services will document it and provide the correct information.
  • Undisclosed aliases and other personal information. Smarthire Canada Screening Services dives deep into a candidate’s history, including searching for aliases and additional relevant personal information. Even though we provide all of the information you need to make great hiring decisions, you ensure your company can steer clear from collecting regulated information to maintain. By utilizing Smarthire Canada Screening Services, you can ensure your company stays compliant with state and federal laws while still providing as much information as legally possible.
  • We balance your need for information while respecting the candidate’s right to privacy concerning certain information.

Instead of spending time doing all of this work yourself, allow Smarthire Canada Screening Services to handle this task while your HR team works on things only your employees can do. With our established database and network, we have the tools at our disposal to verify employment quickly and accurately.


In addition to verifying your potential new hire’s employment background, we can also verify their education by contacting any provided educational facilities and making inquiries as to the degree, the date awarded, and other information. Our professionals can verify high school diplomas, GEDs, and college diplomas of all levels. We can also verify professional licenses and certifications.

Other Types of Verifications

In addition to verifying present employment, past employment, and education, Smarthire Canada Screening Services can verify the following:

  • Military service records
  • Professional Certifications or Licensure
  • Driving history
  • Personal and Professional References

What to Expect

When you partner with Smarthire Canada Screening Services, you can expect high-quality information. We work directly with the companies to ensure that accurate records are provided. For small businesses, we often contact the owner or manager. In mid-sized companies, we will contact the HR or Payroll Department. And for large companies, we work with 3rd party services to verify the information. These agencies may have additional fees, but we will work with them to determine whether information on the employment history is accurate. We conduct the actual verifications using various tools, including phone, fax, email, and electronic access. Depending upon the information requested and the company’s resources, we can secure quick access to verify the information.

Some information can be determined immediately, while other information may take several days – it all depends on the source’s turnaround time. But no matter their turnaround time, Smarthire Canada Screening Services will remain committed to verifying the information as quickly as possible so that we are not holding up your hiring decisions. We want you to make quick decisions with enough information to feel confident that it is the right decision for your business. Contact us today to learn more about these services and to determine what Smarthire Canada Screening Services can do for you.