Government Municipalities

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Government Municipality Industry Services

City, state, and national government offices are often in need of bringing new employees on board quickly, but they also must make certain that these employees have been properly vetted and meet all the requirements necessary for employment. Many government offices deal with sensitive, confidential information that can only be entrusted to reliable individuals with a proven history.

Smarthire Canada Screening Services has a track record of providing information for hiring decisions quickly and accurately, something our government partners have found time and again. We understand that you need to know if an employee is suitable for employment quickly, but you also rely on the information you receive to be as accurate and detailed as possible. We give you both.

In addition to providing information on potential new hires, we can also do detailed background checks on volunteers, interns, and temporary workers. These individuals often have just as much access to your facilities and information as your permanent employees, so it’s important to vet them as well. Just because someone is working for free does not mean they are qualified.

Why Smarthire Canada Screening Services?

Partnering with Smarthire Canada Screening Services is different from working with any other comprehensive screening service. We have an established network of partners across the globe that our in-house team can contact at any time to gather information about individuals. We protect every individual’s private information while still providing you with the background checks you need.

In addition to government offices and employers, we also work with municipal services such as police departments, fire departments, and others to provide detailed screenings.

Our Services

We offer our government clients a number of services based on their needs, including the following:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Credit and financial history
  • Reference checks
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Identity verification
  • Motor vehicle records check
  • Health and drug screening

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